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The manicure has invaded our lives so hard that you can hardly imagine

Manicure has penetrated our lives so firmly that it is difficult to imagine the image of a modern girl. More recently however it was more of a privilege available to the elect.
Here are some interesting facts:
▪️The word "manicure" comes from the Latin "manus" which means "hand" and "healing" and is translated as "care".
▪️ The art of manicuring was already in 2000 BC in ancient Egypt. Known.
▪ It is well known that the favorite color of the seductive Cleopatra was of course terracotta.
▪ In ancient Greece and Rome there was a special category of slave cosmetics. They helped people of noble birth to take care of themselves.
▪ Growing nails are originally from ancient China. Since in this culture long nails indicated a high position in society they were enlarged with the help of silver tips.
▪ In the 17th century French men raised a long nail on their little finger. Maybe because it was decided not to knock on the door with a fist but to cross it with a fingernail.
▪️ As soon as the "lazy" inhabitants of the East came up with ideas on how to grow painted nails. For this a vegetable dye had to be injected into the base of the nail.
▪ The average growth rate of the nails is 1 mm per week. In winter the nails also grow slower than in summer. For 4 months the fingernails are completely updated.
▪ Nelvin Fazel Buz is considered the person with the longest nails. He did not cut his legs for 25 years so they reached a length of 953 cm.
At the beginning of the 20th century hand care became a serious industry and "nail kits" were sold in normal department stores throughout Europe.
▪️The first modern nail salon was opened in 1918.
▪️The first nail polish was invented in 1932 by Charles Lashman and was bright red.
▪ In 1938 a manicure cost only 38 cents in Europe.

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