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, . Huhu We just noticed that u

. Huhu 👋🏻 We just realized that our favorite pizzeria is on vacation 😭 let’s see if it still works today 🍕🍕 . Wow so much love for my gradient from rani tulip and pooh @picturepolish many thanks 🥰 . Have a nice evening 😘😘 … #picturepolish #picturepolishrani #picturepolishtulip #picturepolishpooh …

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, . Good Morning Welcome to the new week

. Good morning 🤗 Welcome to the new week 😬 I think my motivation got stuck in the weekend 😂 maybe I’ll find it until I have to go to work 😉 . And already we have come to the last topic of the #frischlackiertchallenge 😢 Clouds should get on …

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, . Hello, is anyone else awake? I will then

. Hello is anyone else awake? 🤪 I’ll go to bed now! Hopefully it has cooled down a bit 🥵 . fake tan @picturepolish . Good night 😘😘 … #picturepolish #picturepolishfaketan #mullemauspicturepolish #nailpolish #nailpolishlove #nailpolishaddict #npa #nagellack #nagellackliebe #nagellacksucht #nails #nailart #naildesign #naildesigns #nageldesign #nailsoftheday #not .

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, . Hello Hello Now I have a few

. Hi there 👋🏻 Now I have a few minutes to report here! We were on our way right after getting up and went on a trip to a ruin / castle with one of my brothers and his family. Now we are waiting for a few guests since it …

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, . Good evening everyone I should have

. Good evening everyone 🤗 I almost forgot to post 🙈 nothing exciting happened today 😄 tomorrow I have to work and since I have to leave earlier than usual I will not be in touch until later 😉 . perseid @ masura.ru MXM020 @manixmebox @hellomaniology Swipe for a video …

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, . Good Morning The boys do theirs well

. Good morning 🤗 The boys do their chores well and I’m doing mani and pedi 💅🏻🦶🏻 later I have to go shopping . Today I have a great “old” sweetheart for you. serenity @picturepolish ☺️ this metallic shimmer (or what that is) is not my cup of tea but …

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[Werbung] Details from for mine . Swiping for viewing the Sta used

[Werbung] Details from for mine
 Swiping for viewing the Sta used

[Werbung] Details from #reversestamping for my #nailsreloadedchallenge 🌵 . 👉🏻 Swiping to view the used MXM028 stamping plate from @hellomaniology from the @manixmebox. There are so cute 🌵 motifs on it. . [Markennennung Verlinkung Produkte selbst gekauft] #reversestampingnails #stampingnailart #stampingnails #cactusnails #cactusnailart #paintedpolish #paintedpolishmidnightmischief #maniology #manixmebox #trindmonterossomint #trindgermany #trindcosmetics #nageldesign …

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, . Hello Hello Are you still at home?

. Hallihallo 🙋🏻‍♀️ Are you still at home or working again? Today we opened a few isolated shops again. Eg the OBI we drove past it and could only be amazed hardly a parking space left mehr I will probably have to / may work again in mid-May. I’m curious. …

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